Full design & build

From Concept to Completion

A comprehensive "Turnkey" solution, our experienced team can handle every aspect of your project. Specialising in New Builds, Barn Conversions, and Heritage Building Renovation, we seamlessly integrate modern features while preserving charm.

Full design & build
Barn Conversions
Renovation Projects
Heritage Building Restoration
Office Fit Outs
Building Repurposing
Grand Extensions
Full design & build

Design, Drawings & Planning

We bring your property vision to life

Designing exceptional spaces

We understand the importance of initial designs in order to create exceptional spaces. We listen carefully to your needs, translating them into innovative and functional designs.

Ensuring a smooth planning approval process

With detailed, hand-drawn, layout drawings, we provide a clear visualisation of the project. Although Ellmark practice a design first approach, we navigate the complexities of planning to ensure all legal requirements are met.

Collaboration and transparent communication

Ensuring the final design reflects your expectations, we keep you involved in every stage of the design and planning process.

Full design & build

Construction & Build

Construction that exceeds expectations

Expert Northampton builders

With our experienced team of builders and project managers, we ensure precision and attention to detail throughout your project.

Peace of mind through project management

Thorough planning and organisation, coordinating timelines, resources, and permits is the key to a successful build project. By establishing clear goals and expectations together, we maintain rigorous quality control, using quality materials that meet the highest standards.

Communication is key

Open communication is a priority, with regular updates and prompt addressing of any questions or concerns.

As completion nears, we conduct a thorough inspection to exceed expectations.

Full design & build

SIPS & Timber Frame Constructions

Economic & eco-friendly construction for faster project completion

At Ellmark our preference for new builds is to use Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) or timber-framed housing due to the advantages of performance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

Unlocking efficiency and sustainability with SIPS

SIPS offer exceptional thermal insulation, resulting in reduced energy consumption and enhanced comfort for occupants. Their precision engineering and rapid installation contribute to faster project completion, translating into cost savings for our clients. Additionally, SIPS' airtight construction minimises heat loss, promoting energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Timber offers a speedier build and lower carbon emissions

Timber-framed housing offers versatility, durability, and environmental benefits. The use of timber as a renewable resource reduces carbon emissions and supports sustainable construction practices. With timber frames, we achieve design flexibility, allowing for efficient construction methods tailored to specific architectural styles. The combination of these factors creates aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious homes and commercial spaces.

Design & Build

Design & build projects

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